CCity University Chinese Debating Team


2017 - 2018 執委名單

In 1989, the original Debating Club was founded as a society under the Student Union. Now the society has transformed into an independent team named as "The Chinese Debating Team of City University of Hong Kong” (CityU Chinese Debating Team) under the Cultural and Sports Committee of City University of Hong Kong. Over the years, our team has maintained the tradition that members have freedom to participate in any team activities and competitions in the territory.

We compete with different teams in various Chinese debate tournaments every year like the Inter-collegiate Debate Championship organized by the Radio-Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Basic Law Cup, and etc. We also organize Kowloon Cup with Hong Kong Baptist University and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and the Inter-university Cup with University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Shue Yan University every year. There are also other matches like friendly match with United College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Through these matches, our members can practice and strengthen our debating skills as well as exchange our ideas on different social issues.

In the past years, our efforts did pay us with impressive results. Our team won the Champion in the "Inter-collegiate Debate Championship” in 2002. We also came to the 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up in the 8th and 12th Basic Law Cup respectively. In 2008, the result of our team was so fruitful while we were crowned the Champion in the 10th Basic Law Cup. In the year 2010, our team was awarded as the 1st runner up in the Liberal Cup with our extraordinary performance among the teams of other universities. In the year 2015, Our team was also awarded as the 3nd runner up of the Basic Law Cup and the 2nd Runner-up of "Inter-collegiate Debate Championship”.

In 2016, CityU Chinese Debating Team successfully took the 1st runner up in the 1st Asia Youth Debate Competition.Our team spirit and efforts are further and firmly assured. After 2013, we came to the 1st runner-up of the Civic Cup again in 2017. Our team will try our best to make further achievements and reap the harvest in the following year.



每年城大中辯隊均會參與各項大型賽事,如「大專辯論賽」、「《基本法》多面體 ── 全港大專生辯論賽」等,亦會分別聯同香港浸會大學和香港理工大學舉辦「九龍盃」;聯同香港大學和香港樹仁大學舉辦「聯大盃」及聯同香港中文大學聯合書院舉 辦「明辯盃」,與各院校互相交流切磋,活躍於大專辯論界。

城大中辯隊過往成績斐然,曾於2000、2001及2003年奪得「大專辯論賽」季軍,更於 2002年一嘗奪冠滋味,為校增光。此外,城大中辯隊亦分別於第2、第5、第8及第12屆「《基本法》多面體-全港大專生辯論賽」奪得三次季軍及亞軍。於 2008 年,城大中辯隊更成功勇奪該項賽事冠軍,成績有目共睹。2010年,城大中辯隊再下一城,於第7屆「自由盃全港大專辯論比賽」擇銀而回。2012年,城大中辯隊奪得第12屆「《基本法》多面體-全港大專生辯論賽」殿軍,亦於2015年在港澳大專辯論邀請賽得到亞軍,進一步肯定其實力。

2016年,城大中辯隊在第一屆全港大專院校辯論比賽 ── 香港亞青盃中,奪得亞軍。2017年更延續四年前的佳績,在「公民盃大專辯論賽」再度奪得亞軍,成績相當鼓舞。本年度亦將繼續秉承「城大搏盡」的精神,於大專辯論界大放異彩!

2017 – 2018 執委名單

隊長 Captain
周子灝 CHOW Tsz Ho
財政 Financial Secretary 潘慧賢 POON Wai Yin
副隊長(內務) Vice-captain (Internal) 潘朗聰 PUN Long Chung
副隊長(外務) Vice-captain (External)
郭鈞祺 KWOK Kwan Ki
副隊長(外務) Vice-captain (External)
唐嘉藝 TONG Ka Ngai
副隊長(行政) Vice-captain (Administration)
羅中政 LO Chung Ching
副隊長(常務) Vice-captain (General)
郭英 KWOK Ying
副隊長(統籌) Vice-captain (Coordination)
黃曉盈 WONG Hiu Ying