Mr. Chiu Kai-keung


Trumpet Player (Conductor of CityU Philharmonic Orchestra)


Mr. Chiu Kai-keung’s extraordinary talent has earned him international praise, and his wit and ability to connect with audiences has endeared him to the people of Hong Kong. Mr. Chiu is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where he obtained two diplomas, one in conducting and one in trumpet performance. In addition, he gained his Master Degree in the Sheffield University. Since then, he has pursued a career as a distinguished conductor as well as an accomplished musician.
Mr. Chiu made his debut with the Hong Kong Mozart Orchestra in 1988. His talents were soon recognized and he was appointed as Music Director of the Hong Kong Medical Association Orchestra. He has also conducted the HKSAR Orchestra and the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra.  In 2000, he was invited to be the conductor of the City University Philharmonic Orchestra.  During the last fourteen years, with his drive and commitment to perfection, he has led the Orchestra down the path of success. Mr. Chiu has also appeared with orchestras in Korea, England, Portugal, France, Australia and China. Apart from his busy schedule in conducting and trumpet playing, he is active in the field of music education and performing for charitable events.


Mr. Tom Cheung Tin-yau


Dizi Player (Conductor of CityU Chinese Orchestra)


Mr. Cheung Tin-yau, Tom has got Performance Diploma of Dizi of Central Conservatory of Music and Level-10 Dizi Certificate of Arts Grade Examination of China.  He is also the Music Consultant of Tseung Kwan O Culture and Arts Association and a member of Shanghai Association of Jiangnan Folk Music.
Mr. Cheung graduated from City University of Hong Kong in 2004. He was one of the founders of City University Chinese Orchestra and the first Chairman. He was invited to give Dizi solo performance by Graduate House of The University of Hong Kong.  In 2006, he was invited by Sha Tin Symphony Orchestra to perform a Dizi-concerto ‘Lan Hua Hua’.  He was also invited by Hong Kong Tak Ming Philharmonic Winds to take part in Hong Kong first performance of ‘Romance of The Three Kingdoms’ and ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ music pieces in 2012.


Mr. Chan Cho Kin Joe


Conductor of CityU Choir

Joe Chan began to excel in choral singing and orchestral playing at a young age and had represented Hong Kong in many parts of the world with highly acclaimed performances. Graduated from St. Paul’s College in 1983, Joe further developed his passion for music at the Chinese University of Hong Kong between 1984 and 1988 during when he came first in his class for three consecutive years. He was the Concertmaster of the Chinese University Orchestra from 1985 to1988, and studied music composition with Professor David Gwilt, winning the "Yu Luan Shi Award” for creativity in 1988 with his Piano Trio, as well as other scholarships for his outstanding academic achievements. He was invited as guest conductor and guest principal by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta after graduation. In addition, Joe had been the Music Master in St. Paul’s Co-educational College for the last 22 years and has led the choirs and the orchestra to win numerous top prizes in the annual Hong Kong Schools Music Festival as well as Champion and Gold Medal choirs in various categories in the World Choir Games 2010, 2012 and 2014. He is currently a conductor and violinist, giving choral and orchestral masterclasses and workshops to local and overseas music bodies, and also the conductor of St. Paul’s College Alumni Choir and guest conductor of Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra.


陳祖健於少年時期已擅長於合唱和管弦樂表演,並代表香港在世界各地作優秀演出。1983年畢業於聖保羅書院,陳19841988年間在香港中文大學修讀音樂,並連續三年於班內取得第一名的佳績。19851988年間,他師從紀大衛教授學習作曲,更被委任為香港中文大學弦樂團團長,又於1988年憑「鋼琴三重奏」奪得「玉鑾室創作獎」,並屢獲多項學術獎學金。畢業後曾獲邀擔任香港小交响樂團客席指揮和首席,在過去22年間任教於聖保羅男女中學,由他所指導的多個合唱團及管弦樂團於香港校際音樂節中屢獲殊榮,並於2010, 20122014年度世界合唱比賽各組別中獲得冠軍及金獎。他現為指揮家及提琴手,並給予本地及海外各音樂團體教授大師班及音樂硏習課程,亦為聖保羅書院同學會合唱擔任指揮及為澳門青年交響樂團擔任客席指揮。

Mr. Lo Chi-keung


Maestro of Contemporary Lingnan Painting


Mr. LO Chi-keung, founder of Zeal Arts, is a renowned artist of the Chinese Lingnan School of Painting. He has studied Chinese brush painting under renowned artists Prof. Chao Shao An and Mr. Kan Mei Tin since 1973. He was graduated from the Grantham College of Education with major in Art and Design in 1976 and started to teach at primary and secondary schools as a visual arts and Chinese studies panel. In 1978, he held his first solo exhibition in America. In 1979, he was invited by the Hong Kong Urban Council to create a poster of Chinese New Year painting "San Yang Kei Tai” 《三羊(陽)啟泰》. Over the years, he had held more than 15 solo or group exhibitions in both local and overseas. After his retirement in 2012, he continues to promote Chinese paining actively. Currently, he is a tutor of Chinese Painting in YMCA and Zeal Arts.
He has always been a devotee of traditional Chinese Arts, including paintings, calligraphy, seal art, poetry and ceramics. His love of Chinese and Asian Arts made him a collector of exquisite antiques and artcrafts since his early 20s.


Mr. Liao Hongbiao (Visiting Artist)


Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts


廖洪標出生於陶藝世家,1946年即從父學藝,後師從劉傳學習陶藝,1958年參加中央工藝美術學院"民間雕塑研究班”進修 。作品以人物為主,粗獷樸拙,豪放寫意,自成一格,耐人尋味。


Mr. Liao Haifeng (Visiting Artist)


Chinese Craft Artist


Mr. Paolo Morena (Visiting Artist)



Mr. Paolo Morena, Visiting Artist of 2015-16

Mr. Paolo Morena was born in Pescara (Italy) in 1973. He has studied violin with George Monch (assistant Henryk Szeryng) in Paris. He continued his studies with V. Liberman, Z. Giles, P. Vernikov, I. Grubert and Marco Rizzi.

He has been awarded in several international violin competitions (GB Viotti, Vittorio Veneto, Postacchini) and won with the pianist Alessandro Capella the first prize in the International Competition "Citta´di Termoli” in 1999. In that same year, he received the prize "Giovani talienti” del Rotary Club Italia among the most interesting violinists of his generation.

He has performed as soloist under the direction of conductors such as Riccardo Chailly, Wladimyr Iurovsky, Claus Peter Flor, Yutaka Sado, Luis Bacalov, Víctor Pablo Pérez, Oleg Caetani, Jose Maria Sciutto, Christopher Hogwood, Dimitri Sitkovesky and others with a wide repertory from Bach to Schnitke.

He has recorded for RAI the first Concerto Grosso A. Schnitker with W. Iurosky as conductor, the Nocturne for violin and orchestra of A. Schoenberg with R.Chailly, and the Concerto for violin and orchestra of R. Scumann with O. Caetani.

The composer Giancarlo Menotti has dedicated him his concert for violin and orchestra (1954), premiering his work (in Spain), with Tenerife Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Victor Pablo Perez and the Argentine composer Luis Bacalov (Oscar winner for the soundtrack of the movie " Il Postino ") has dedicated him his Violin Concert, played in world premiering in the same year with Magna Grecia Orchestra under the direction of master Bacalov.

He was elected as concertmaster in 1999 by Riccardo Chailly of the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano "G. Verdi”. Since then he is guest concertmaster in orchestras such as Orchestra Nazionale di Santa Cecilia di Roma, Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova, Orchestra del Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, NES (New European Strings), Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia, Orquesta Sinfónica de Barcelona y Nacional de Catalunya, Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, Orchestra della Radio della Svizzera Italiana, Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala.

He is currently concertmaster of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife (director Jia Lu) and playing with a splendid Giovani Battista Guadagnini violin dating from 1771. 

Ms. Meng Xiaoxu (Visiting Artist)


Erhu Player

Ms. Meng Xiaoxu, Visiting Artist of 2015-2016






Mr. Zhang Peng (Visiting Artist)



Mr. Zhang Peng, Visiting Artist of 2016-17 










2013年九月應德國僑聯的邀請參演中秋國慶晚會 演奏了黃河鋼琴協奏曲。


與此同時,近年致力於特殊幼兒教育的學習與輔導。今年十一月應「一笑慈善基金會」邀請為大會及慈善晚會創作主題曲 "陪伴",希望通過自己的工作為有特殊需要學習的孩子們獻出一份自己的力量。

Ms. Pi Xiaocai (Visiting Artist)



Ms. Pi Xiaocai, Visiting Artist of 2016-17 



榮獲全國優秀教師,廣東省委宣傳部"千百十”工程培養物件; "跨世紀之星”藝術家;曾獲全國沿海五省市青年歌手比賽一等獎;全國高校民族聲樂大賽優秀指導教師;廣東省新民歌成就獎;並多次獲得廣東省文學藝術界優秀中青年會員和年廣東省優秀音樂家,優秀園丁稱號。



Ms. Yang Chen (Visiting Artist)


Pipa Player

 Ms. Yang Chen, Visiting Artist of 2016-17

先後在廣州等地舉辦多場個人音樂會:2009615 "點—楊晨琵琶獨奏音樂會”;2010513 "楊晨琵琶名曲賞析音樂會”;20121018日"珠落玉盤-楊晨琵琶獨奏音樂會”;20151024日"楊晨師生琵琶重奏音樂會”; 2016519 "楊晨琵琶獨奏音樂會”等,同時出訪德國、奧地利及港澳等多個國家和地區交流演出。2010 年獲中國教育改革研究會評選的全國教育改革優秀教學論文大賽一等獎、2010年度全國教育改革優秀教師稱號;2011 年擔任文化部中華社會文化發展基金會主辦的"第四屆全國青少年藝術風采展示活動”評委;2011 年擔任華南青少年藝術節評委;2011 年獲"敦煌杯”首屆全國琵琶大賽優秀指導教師獎;2012 年擔任"遼源國際琵琶藝術節暨琵琶演奏大賽”評委,同年被評為星海音樂學院優秀教師。2013年主持高等教育教學改革專案《嶺南音樂琵琶重奏課程的教學改革與實踐》,參與省級課題《嶺南精品音樂》。創辦星海音樂學院"嶺之南”彈撥樂團赴香港參加2013"華樂聯盟”國際華樂室內樂團隊比賽榮獲三等獎。20143月獲亞洲國際藝術交流大賽"優秀導師獎”、 5月獲廣東省首屆中國民族器樂大賽"優秀指導教師獎”、10月赴江蘇省海門市參加"中國音樂家協會琵琶專業委員會第二屆理事會”,當選中國音協琵琶專業委員會理事。2016年指導學生陳逸《琵琶在群眾文化活動中的普及與推廣》獲大學生創新創業訓練計畫專案國家級立項、李雅惠《琵琶教學的社會實踐研究》獲省級立項。曾先後在《樂府新聲》、《藝術教育》等專業期刊發表《琵琶教學中的美感培養》、《纖弱的美—琵琶下出輪探究》等9篇學術論文。