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CityU Arts Festival 2019: Closing Concert

Posted on: 8/23/2019 12:11:18 PM under Arts Festival

Closing Concert 閉幕音樂會:
String of Love《心之樂章》


CityU Chinese Orchestra and CityU Philharmonic Orchestra with Mr. Gary Ngan (Violinist)



8 Nov, Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall, CityU

十一月八日, 城大黃翔羅許月伉儷講堂



暗戀、初戀、單戀、相戀、苦戀、失戀...... 愛情中的甜酸苦辣,你一一嘗過嗎? 閉幕音樂會以愛情為主題,由城大中樂團與城大管弦樂團演出中外古今的愛情曲目,細說愛情的跌跌宕宕,相信總有一首會讓你想起心中的那個他/她。


A crush, first love, unrequited love, fall in love, love-sick, breakup…… Have you ever tried the taste of sweet and sour in love? The closing concert will comprise a series of love repertoires by CityU Chinese Orchestra and CityU Philharmonic Orchestra. Music telling legendary love stories in the past and present, east and west, will remind him or her in your heart.


Highlight of the Programme 精彩曲目

《白蛇傳: 笛子協奏曲》羅偉倫、鄭濟民曲

Legend of the White Snake (Dizi Concerto)
   Composed by Law Wai-lun and Cheng Chai-man

You Give Me a Rose rearranged by Xinjiang Folk Song

Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto
   Composed by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang


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